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What is an Aeration System? Will it Work for Me?

So you have septic system problems.  Perhaps a clogged drain field, maybe you are facing some terrible septic smell.  You are reviewing your options and you come across septic aeration systems.  Not knowing much about septic systems, you don’t know whether or not it is right for you and your family.  You would call a septic contractor ( υδραυλικος αθηνα ), but you know they are going to try to sell you something and you just want an honest, unbiased understanding of what a septic aeration system is and whether its right for you.

Before we get into that, you need to understand some basic info about a septic tank and drain field and how it works.  By design a septic tank promotes the growth of bacteria and enzymes that break down or digest solid household waste that is flushed down the drain.

Once broken down to liquid form, it then travels through a baffle and into the drain field, where it is absorbed the soil, usually through a couple inches of gravel.  Because the bacteria rich environment is naturally occurring, it can become unbalanced and even ineffective.  When this happens, solid waste can build up and create what is called bio-mat.  Bio-Mat is a thick, concentrated organic substance that clogs and prevents fluids from draining from your system.

Aeration systems can come in a few different designs, but each has the same goal.  By creating an oxygen rich environment, bacteria can thrive and perform at their best.   By perform, we mean digest massive amounts of solid waste at a rapid pace.

So these aeration systems essentially allow the naturally occurring bacteria in a septic system to become supercharged and restore your septic system in the process.  It is an effective option for homeowners where budget is not a concern and household consumption is average or above average.

Basically aeration systems work just like any other septic treatment you can purchase on the market.  They supplement or enhance the bacteria in the septic tank and system.  That is what is needed to restore a septic system.  You can replace the tank and drain field and spend thousands of dollars in the process and possible face the same problem again or you can try to put in an aeration system to restore and prevent future damage.  Aeration systems also cost in the thousands but at least they have some preventative benefits.

Granular septic products also enhance bacteria and restore your septic system.  The cost however is more attractive, with leading brands costing in the hundreds of dollars.  While only you can choose which type of treatment is right for your family, it is very important that you understand that all septic system solutions or treatments do the same thing, restore the bacteria in your system.

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