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Lovely things you should do in Santorini

Travelling is fun and exploring Santorini is like paradise for every visitor. We collect 20 lovely things you must do on this beautiful island. This list introduces all the hidden gems that only locals know. So if you are planning to spend 2 or 3 days in Santorini this guide will help you around. But please if you are on Santorini for only a few days, you should think about hiring Santorini rental car for your transportation. But the most important of all… Relax and have fun. 

1. Oia sunset 

The views are magnificent and Oia is one of the first villages you should visit. This is the image or dream place you probably have in mind when you think of Santorini. It attracts guests all year long and is one of the places you can enjoy the magical sunset. A beautiful village with a few shops, cafes and hotels in Oia.


2. Beautiful Beaches 

One of the most beautiful beaches that remain untouched is Vlychada. A real gem of Santorini with marvellous sand creations along the beach. Of course, you should try the local dishes of the small fish canteen or seafood taverns at the port that will give you the fell of living like a local.

3. Have fun in Ammoudi Bay

It’s true that the only things that many visitors do in Santorini are taking many photos, enjoying every sunset or sunrise, eating and wine tasting. What you would feel if I tell you that you can do all these things in Ammoudi, in a terrace hanging over the sea? Yes, it’s something you shouldn’t miss! Just climb a few steps and you can get the best view and food!

4. Extreme sports in Santorini

There are many extreme sports and other activities you can do in Santorini. One of them is parasailing. Would you like to see the panoramic view of the island and the volcano from almost a hundred meters in the air? Time to see the island from a different angle, more beautiful and exciting than you could ever dream of. Take the one you love and do parasailing in the afternoon, during sunset! What is more amazing and romantic than flying over the Aegean Sea in the sunset with all these magical colours in the sky?


5. Volcano boat trip 

Another unique thing to do in Santorini is volcano boat trips and visiting the Hot Springs. You can walk to the Volcano, swim in the red mud.bIf you like the adventure try a Jet Ski Tour to Volcano and explore different yet beautiful spots in the area. 

6. Have a day at Katharos beach

Is the perfect place for spending your day on the beach, without thinking of anything. Just relax and have a great time. Swim and eat excellent food in the bar just above the beach. 

7. Open-Air Cinema

A night at an Open Air Cinema in Kamari is a must at a warm summer night! Find all kind of movies! From classic films to the latest is the perfect place to start your night or just relax.


8. Pyrgos village

in the centre of the island, you could find a village on a hill. That is Pyrgos village, another small village that you should visit. It looks traditional and it really is. With its locals, small shops and only a few restaurants is a small gem ready to discover it.

10. Try Sea Kayaking

This tour takes you around the Southern tip of the island. With its spectacular rock formations and beaches, you will be so delighted by the scenery that you will be blowing happiness paddling around.


11. Scuba Diving 

Meet the underwater Santorini with scuba diving. The beauty of this island is something you should see under the water too. Find the experts of Santorini Diving Center and explore the underwater world of the Santorini. Even if it’s your first time and you aren’t so athletic the professional dive or instructor will help you to enjoy this activity in safety

12. Taste local brewed beer

Visit Crazy Donkey brewery on the way to Kamari. Taste some of the locally brewed beer! And don’t leave the island without a Crazy Donkey T-shirt you can find at some local souvenir shops.


13. Yoga with volcano vibes

Which would be better than your daily yoga? Waking early in the morning and practising your routine on a nice terrace with views and vibes of Fira Town, Karterados and the Aegean Sea. 

14. Wander the seaside promenade

Enjoy an evening walk at the seaside in Kamari with its many shops, restaurants and cafes. Kamari is a typical seaside resort with a nice black beach that you can walk, eat and have fun in your afternoon or night.

15. Swim in Perivolos

Reasonably the greatest beach on the island is Perivolos. The sea here is calm even during the days when a seasonal wind Meltemi hits the island. Here you can find all kinds of beach bars and for every budget.


16. Stop for photos at Red beach

A list of things to do in Santorini could NOT be completed without some great photo spots. The Red Beach is a natural phenomenon at the south of the island. Be aware of falling rocks, therefore do not stay down there for too long. There are as well many guided photography tours in Santorini.

17. Learn the history of Akoriti

Take a guided visit to the Ancient Akrotiri, an archaeological site that reveals a history of 6000+ years. It is worth to rent a real guide that will show you around. You can book one at the entrance, but it’s recommended to book ahead of time and the cost is usually 60 Euros/ visit.

18. Food

Taste white eggplant, puree from fava beans, tomato fries, local Santorinian salad with small cherry tomatoes and local cucumber variety called Katsuni. Talking about food, what about Eat fish at one of the seaside taverns in Akrotiri? All the restaurants on the shore are former boathouses and offer the fresh catch of the day!


19. Learn to cook like local

What about learning how to cook like a Geek? That way, you can just use the recipes to go back to Santorini every time you wish (in a sensorial way).

In the cooking class, you will:

  • Learn to cook like a Greek with a professional chef
  • Visit premier wineries in the countryside
  • Taste 9 different wines with a local expert
  • Samples traditional Greek aperitifs such as Raki and Ouzo
  • Enjoy a complimentary lunch in a traditional restaurant


20. Tomato Factory Museum

Less obvious, and even more surprising! Visit Tomato Factory Museum and Santorini Arts Factory for some of the exhibitions, during the summer. Both are located at the same complex in Vlychada. During the summer season, you can attend one of the many theatre, music or dance performances there, too.

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