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Is There Accredited Online HVAC Training

Individuals who are considering a career in HVAC installation, maintenance, or sales might consider beginning their course of study with online HVAC training courses. These courses can be an effective way to test the waters of the HVAC industry, and to give students a sense of where they stand in terms of the knowledge required for that particular career. Online training is also useful for technicians looking to brush up on certain specialties.

Flexibility of Online HVAC Training Programs

One primary benefit of online HVAC technician training is that students have more scheduling flexibility. Because there are few (if any) scheduled online class or instructor meetings, students can choose when they will complete and submit the necessary assignments. This can be incredibly helpful to those who are already established and working full time in the HVAC industry, but need to update their knowledge of certain subject areas or take an additional certification exam.


While online HVAC technician training can seem ideal for students with an already busy schedule or a full-time job, this training is generally less intensive than that offered to students who take classes in person. While online students have the opportunity to consult with experienced faculty and staff who work at the institution sponsoring their courses, the lack of class time makes it difficult to work closely with these instructors. Additionally, since online students work from home, they have little opportunity to complete hands-on training with the equipment they will encounter on the job.

Fast-Track Certification Programs

Some online HVAC training programs are designed specifically for HVAC technicians who have been out of school and working in the industry for some time, and need to receive prompt certification. These programs may last anywhere from 10 hours to 2 weeks, and are generally focused on the “theory” of the HVAC industry; any necessary hands-on training should be completed at a job-site. Still, these programs usually offer NATE and EPA certification exams upon completion, which can provide technicians with the HVAC license now required in many states.

Online Training Modules

A typical online training program, as opposed to a short-term certification course, is usually offered as a series of “modules.” Each one of these modules covers a different subject area—from heating to refrigeration to mechanics—and the programs are often designed so each section builds on the one before it. At the online technician program sponsored by HVACR education ( ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΑΘΗΝΑ ), for example, students are expected to enroll in 16 sections, each of which they are expected to complete in 60 days. After this, students are expected to seek out hands-on training with an employer.

Online HVAC training can be a great way to get started in the HVAC industry. It requires less commitment and less money than a traditional class, and is therefore ideal for those students who are not quite sure yet whether the career is a good fit. Online training is also useful for individuals who work other full-time jobs but are looking to make a career change, since they can schedule their study time around their personal work schedules.