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How to unclog the toilet bowl

Perhaps the worst pathology of drainage systems for most people is a possible abnormality in the functioning of the basin according to Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς. The consequences can be a failure to absorb, a raised water level or even worse an overflow of sewage. Immediate pelvic unclogging is the only way to go in such a case. On this page we will tell you what it will cost you if you call in professionals for blockages, how you can easily solve the problem yourself and other extremely useful information about toilet bowl blockage.

Solutions for unclogging the toilet bowl

Below we will suggest the easiest and shortest solutions with simple means that you can use for toilet bowl blockage. We will also point out what you need to pay attention to during the process in order not to cause damage to the pipes and many other informative information.

Do this to unclog the toilet bowl

The stopper, otherwise known as steel, is a very popular solution for drain blockage as long as we know how to use it and not cause scratches or other types of damage to the basin and pipes.

To unclog the steel basin what you need to do is to insert the spiral cable inside the basin and advance it until you meet at some point resistance from accumulated sewage. Turn the steel crank slowly, if it doesn’t have a crank carefully move the spiral up and down to start opening the clog.

At this point you may notice broken down sewage in the water which means the pipe is cleaning. When you are sure that you have passed the obstacle and finished the course without encountering any resistance, pour plenty of warm water into the basin.

Bonus tip: Since there is a chance that the spiral metal cable will scratch your bowl if you are not familiar with using it, you can put a few layers of cling film on it.

Unclogging a toilet bowl with coke

Perhaps the easiest way to perform pelvic unclogging is with coke-type products. The phosphoric acid they contain can corrode dirt and grime stuck to the basin. After all, a taste of the power of this particular acid is the damage it can do to tooth enamel. The steps are very simple:

Pour 3 liters of coke into the basin just before going to bed, the aim is not to pour water until morning

In the meantime, the phosphoric acid will have changed the dirt that clogs the basin, you will empty 3-4 liters of hot water in the morning to drag them into the sewer network

Clogging the toilet bowl with a wire hanger

You can very easily unclog the basin a hanger from your closet.

With a cutter cut the hanger at one point, stretch the wire and create a hook at its end

Put on gloves and insert the wire into the pelvis, advance it until you find an obstruction

With small movements try to clear the sewage blocking the flow, if it is a hard object or hair try to pull it out

When you no longer detect an obstacle, pour plenty of water (or hot water) into the basin

Finally pour plenty of water into the basin

Boiling water to unclog the basin, what you need to know

Hot water alone or in combination with other materials can resolve a superficial pelvic blockage or be used preventively. However, the constant pouring of hot water can even break or crack your pelvis. If the problem is recurring, it may be better to try another method or contact professional unclogging services.

Unclogging chemicals

Chemical pelvic occlusion preparations are only able to give you a solution to superficial problems. Their use must be carried out with great care in the product instructions. However, there are some negative points:

  • They have high toxicity
  • They can permanently stain bathroom items
  • Their repeated use can cause damage to the piping
  • Their power does not reach deeper into the network so they can only have an effect on surface problems

When to call the professionals

When problems persist, amateur solutions without deep knowledge of the subject can do more harm than good. At the specific point of the sewer network, the pipes are connected to the organic waste pipe. In the event of an abnormality, it must first be identified if the weakness is more general (blocked central duct) or if it concerns only your own pelvis. The consequences of a related problem that will not be solved in time can be the overflow of organic sewage and the creation of unhealthy conditions in the residence or business.

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