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How to style a mini dress

Mini dresses (καλοκαιρινά φορέματα) are the ultimate women’s clothing that can highlight all the femininity that we women have. Mini dresses are a trademark of every woman’s feminine side, of course, and should not be missing from any of our wardrobes. After all, as we know, mini dresses can show off our body, our legs, but also boost our self-confidence and change the way others see us.

How many times have we not resorted to the solution of the mini dress to impress on a first date or to rekindle the interest of our partner or even to feel good about our body and raise our own self-confidence? Surely most of you have identified with one of the above.

But mini dresses unfortunately, no matter how beautiful they are, don’t suit all of us. After all, this is something that happens with all clothes. Not everything suits everyone. Apart from that, however, an even more important factor when choosing mini dresses is to know how to wear them so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

In short, our aim is to impress when we choose to wear mini dresses. So in the continuation of this article we will tell you according to your body type, your weight, height and also the circumstances how to wear mini dresses correctly but we will also tell you which ones do not suit.

Does the mini dress suit you?

So let’s start by diving into the deep! As we already told you, not all dresses suit everyone, let alone mini dresses. So if you are overweight, have very thick calves or thick feet, it is best not to choose to wear mini dresses, which, due to their height, unfortunately reveal and emphasize every imperfection in the area of ​​our legs.

After all, we choose our clothes to highlight the good and strong features of our body and not to emphasize by wearing the wrong clothes the imperfections that we all more or less have on our bodies. So if you are a woman with a voluptuous body avoid mini dresses and simply choose dresses that flatter your figure. Long dresses are ideal, but also asymmetrical ones.

Mini dresses according to body type

So after we took the cold and said which mini dresses don’t suit and are a prohibited option, let’s see, depending on each female body type, which mini dress line suits us and which colors we should prefer.

Slim and normal body type

One you are a thin or normal weight woman this automatically means that you have no imperfections or at least your proportions are harmonious throughout your body. So you can easily choose a mini dress in a narrow or fitted line and of course in any color you want. You can also choose any fabric you want without having any particular restrictions since you don’t have to deal with the problem of fabrics that emphasize the body.

Mediterranean body type or pear

If you belong to women with a Mediterranean body type, this means that you have a slim waist and a naturally toned, open girth. To show off your Mediterranean curves just choose your mini dresses smartly.

Don’t choose too tight dresses but settle for fitted mini dresses (if you’re daring), otherwise if you want safer options just choose A-line mini dresses. which is also your strong point. Of course, your circumference is also a strong point, but it would be good not to emphasize it too much with tight and brightly colored dresses because you will have the opposite results. Your periphery will be highlighted. Choose dark colors and in no case very light colors.

Body type apple

If you have a tummy or some lumps in that area, it means you have an apple body type. Of course, you also have thin legs, which in itself is ideal for perfectly supporting mini dresses. So don’t let the problem in the belly area scare you.

Choose mini dresses that fall a little loose in that area, a mini dress in a wide line combined with a belt that starts above your tummy area will simply make the tummy disappear! But be careful not to choose tight or fitted dresses and of course do not choose dresses in lycra or satin fabric. Also say no to mini dresses with bold shapes and colors.


Mini dresses depending on the occasion

Because mini dresses are a favorite item of clothing for us women of course and we don’t have to limit ourselves and wear them only to evening and formal outings. A woolen, cotton or linen mini dress can be worn from morning to afternoon by combining it with flat shoes this summer, with boots in winter and ballet flats in spring or autumn.

Mini dresses are a very beautiful, easy and elegant solution for the morning and evening hours, as long as the rules of elegance are always strictly followed and of course not provocative. So avoid high necklines and very tight mini dresses and don’t wear them with high heels.

On the contrary for an evening look combine your mini dress with high heels, platforms or even boots and of course choose a dress that will emphasize your bust and will be fitted or tight.