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10 stops in Santorini the beautiful Cycladic island

In Santorini everything looks paradise, as if they had come out of a painting. We have collected 10 stops that you should definitely see in Santorini the beautiful Cycladic island. Book now a private Santorini tour!

The Oia

Oia, the first settlement to be preserved (1976), is without a doubt one of the most photographed places in Greece. Her sunset has been a source of inspiration to inexperienced artists, while her streets work like magnets inviting you to get lost in their well-kept secrets. Oia, which is about 40 minutes’ drive from Fira, will amaze you because it is truly irresistible. The main road divides it into two areas: one, facing the caldera, has impressive cave buildings, the other adorned by captain houses.

Do not be surprised by the infinite domes that appear in every corner, as there are more than 60 churches in Oia. At the edge of the settlement is the Castle, with the pieces preserved to offer a unique view, but also a fascinating journey into the past.

The quality is synonymous with the region, which is one of the most interesting experiences in Santorini. Oia’s restaurants and café bars will satisfy you, with minimal shopping suggestions (other than tourist businesses) tempting you.

Tip: Do not miss the 214 steps that separate Oia from the picturesque Ammoudi, where you will enjoy guaranteed fresh fish. Also in Oia is the Maritime Museum, which is worth your visit.


Located 12 km from Oia, the bustling Fira, the capital of Santorini, is one of the must-see stops on the island. About 260 meters above sea level, they seem to be wearing their whites and climbing the cliff, to the delight of every visitor. Fira’s unique location on the caldera offers breathtaking views of Nea and Old Kameni.

Crowds flock to the densely populated area of ​​Fira at all times of the day, while numerous businesses operating in the straits of the island’s capital attract visitors of varied interests of all ages. Your stroll will start from Theotokopoulos’ main square with the many café bars, while a little further down a street full of luxurious jewelery stretches out in front of you, promising ‘diamond’ experiences!

Indulge yourself in the charm of the beautiful straits of Fira and let your gaze wander the calming beauty of the caldera. In Fira you can take Santorini private tours to visit the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Prehistoric Thira, the Gyzi Palace and the Santozeum (Old Law Center).

Tip: To get the most out of Fira, you can climb the 588 steps of the Old Port. An alternative is the cable car, which runs daily every 20 minutes, from 07:00 to 22:20. Tradition lovers can make the ride to and from the Old Harbor Kavala in donkeys! You will enjoy magnificent views of Fira from Budi, where many interesting events take place every summer. There is municipal parking in the area of ​​Fira.


You can reach Firostefani from Fira by following the caldera “eyebrow” and covering a distance of about 10 minutes on foot. Firostefani, which has always been the favorite stop of every visitor to the island, owes its name to the fact that it “crowns” Fira.

The view of the caldera is simply unbeatable, with the cliff being so steep that many times your heart will beat harder. In Firostefani you will find several noteworthy food suggestions, in restaurants and taverns that have the main characteristic of a relaxing atmosphere.

Tip: On the way to Imerovigli you will find the monastery of Agios Nikolaos, built in 1651 by the Gyzi family. It is considered the boundary between the two settlements and is really worth your visit.


Imerovigli occupies the most privileged position and boasts the most breathtaking views of the caldera and Thirassia.

It is renowned for its luxurious hotels that offer their guests a ‘natural balcony’ in the caldera, a tranquil atmosphere and super relaxing scenery.

Anogi restaurant in the main square gives you the opportunity to write the perfect epilogue of your day, introducing you to a better way to Santorini gastronomy and authentic Greek hospitality.

Tip: Visit the Church of Our Lady of Malta with the imposing wood-carved iconostasis and icon of the Virgin, said to have been found in Malta.


You can reach Ammoudi, a picturesque port that is a must see of Santorini, descending the 214 steps that separate it from Oia.

The 19th-century commercial port today welcomes mostly sea-fish lovers who want to enjoy fresh fish and seafood.

A great choice for dining is the traditional Dimitris Tavern. If you want something more impressive, choose the new entry restaurant Ammoudi, which brought a cosmopolitan atmosphere to the area, marrying it perfectly with quality flavors and reasonable prices.

Tip: In Ammoudi you can either drive or downhill (foot or donkeys) 214 steps from Oia.


It is the most important archaeological discovery of the Eastern Mediterranean. Akrotiri is a picturesque village in the southwestern part of the island, about 10 km from Fira.

The most important attraction in Akrotiri is the prehistoric settlement, which was first inhabited around 4500 BC. and came to light after the systematic excavations that began in 1967.

Since last year, the visiting archaeological site has been upgraded to a new bioclimatic shelter, attracting thousands of visitors.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the most important “historical relics” of Greece (and not just Santorini), walking in a city of “yesterday” that remains alive.

Tip: The archaeological site of Akrotiri remains open from April 1st until October 31st. From the port of Akrotiri you can be taken to nearby beaches (as well as to the White Beach) by boat. From here, a trail leads to the Red Beach.


A jewelry village, a pole of attraction for thousands of visitors each year, seeking peace, natural beauty and quality in everything.

Pyrgos, which is about 5-10 minutes drive from Fira, is definitely the most beloved village of the island. In 1800 it was the capital of Santorini, and today it manages, through its impressive architecture, its curves and beautiful alleys, its whitewashed narrow and infinite chapels with its “painted” domes, to maintain its immaculate past.

It’s worth a visit to both the Cannabis Drosu-Chrysou, which through gorgeous representations takes you to “Santorini who left”, as well as Kasteli to the top of the hill.

For your dinner, choose the excellent Selene restaurant without a second thought.

You can also choose the Tower as a base as the arty Voreina Gallery Suites has raised the bar for accommodation in the area.

Tip: Above the Tower rises the Prophet Elias, the highest peak of the island. If you want to enjoy the most beautiful view of the island, just visit it.

New Kameni

Locals call it a “volcano”, visitors make it a priority for their explorations, and the myth is adored. The reason for Nea Kameni, the middle of the three caldera islands (Thirasia and Palia Kameni the other two) that have been eyewitnesses to the volcanic eruption.

In Nea Kameni lies the largest crater, called Daphne. Visiting here is truly an unforgettable experience. You will walk around the crater, your eyes will be captivated by the colourful variety of rocks, your smell will be dominated by the fragrance of the brave, and all your senses will be awakened by the magnificent sight.


10 minutes from Fira is one of the most peaceful and beautiful diamonds on the island. Megalochori is a traditional small village that will steal your heart with its unique aesthetics.

Here everything seems to have come out of the paintings, while respect for tradition seems to impose absolute peace on every corner.

The village is renowned for its close relationship with wine – here are the famous Boutaris and Gavalas wineries, the tranquillity and quality businesses.

You can visit it either in the morning or in the afternoon or even in the evening, walk to the main square, admire the stunning bell towers. One of the many churches and stroll through its alleys.


During the Venetian occupation it was the commercial and financial centre of Santorini. Today it is one of the most interesting villages on the island, especially from an architectural point of view.

Emborio is located in the southern part of Thira, very close to Perivolos and Perissa beaches.

Here you will be impressed by the stone carved houses, the exploration of the Castle (Messana), and the intense excitement of Panagia Kali, located in the castle.

Tip: Don’t miss the windmills on Gavrilos Hill. The scenery, especially on clear nights, is extremely romantic!

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