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10 Reasons to use WordPress for your site

10 Reasons to use WordPress for your site

Whatever your choice of Web Hosting, WordPress will work on it If you are thinking of building a new site you will need to choose which platform to use. In this article we will look at the top 10 reasons to use WordPress.

1) It’s very easy

WordPress has become the most popular CMS among others, for its ease of use. Indeed, immediately after its installation (which is so easy that if you want we can do it for free) you just need to click on the “Appearance” option in the main menu and select the appearance you want your site to have.

From the “Articles> New Article” option you can start passing content to your site. WordPress now comes with a powerful block editor that plays text, photos and videos on your page. Of course you can experiment without fear since you can always correct your mistakes later.

Finally, if you want the absolute ease of setting up your site without sacrificing any of the features, you can install a site builder from the add-ons and set up your site by drag and drop. An excellent site builder option is Elementor , which is very easy, very fast.

2) It is free and free

WordPress is open source software. This means that it is developed by volunteer developers with the help of a large mom-company (Automattic). The same successful model is followed by other major projects such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Linux and others. This means that you are supported by a huge community of developers who are constantly improving WordPress and adding new features.

Finally WordPress is free like many other open source products. You never have to pay anything to anyone to use it. Also most of the themes & plugins you will find for WordPress are also free.

3) You can make your website the way you want it

Just because WordPress is open source, there is no limit to what you can do with it. You can experiment fearlessly with its appearance or its additives until you reach a result that satisfies you.

This is one of the reasons why many different types of sites are used. You can build a blog, a corporate page, a forum, or even an online store with thousands of products.

4) It has a huge range of themes & plugins

Most of the themes that you will find available for WordPress are fully functional and well designed as they follow the standards imposed by their community. You will also find thousands of great impressions for your site that are completely free. Also if you want there are specialized companies that offer premium themes for a fee.

Equally many options are provided in extending the functionality of your site. Just click on the “Add-ons” option and you can choose from thousands of plugins for your site. You can install Google Analytics, add Google Maps for site visitors to find your business, or set up a contact form to receive messages from within your page.

5) It is easy to find help

Since WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, so is the plethora of specialized developers available to help. If at some point your site starts to grow and you feel you need a developer to help you, it is very easy to find help to build the functionality or appearance you want.

6) Works on any web hosting

Whatever your choice of Web Hosting WordPress will work on it. You can transfer your hosting to any company you want at any time. Your WordPress and your site content will be transferred without any problems.

This means that you can transfer your site to HappyByte which offers optimized WordPress Hosting which ensures the fast and excellent operation of WordPress even when you receive thousands of visitors.

7) It is tested in difficult times

WordPress has a reputation for being an excellent blogging tool since it started out as such. Since then, however, it has evolved through hundreds of new releases into a powerful creation platform for the World Wide Web. The latest statistics of 2019 show that WordPress is used in 33.6% of sites worldwide. These include thousands of sites from the most popular.

WordPress is used for huge news portals, large eshops and corporate sites of large multinational companies. Indicatively some WordPress users that you will surely recognize are: Mercedes-Benz, BBC, Renault, Wired, Time magazine, Walt Disney, Vogue, Sony Music, Microsoft News Center, Ubuntu.

8) It has excellent SEO

One of the top features of any CMS is whether it is SEO friendly. WordPress was the first CMS to put SEO very high on its list of priorities. This is because it provides SEO friendly URLs and other features like image descriptions without the user having to configure anything. WordPress has great SEO out of the box.

Of course there are hundreds of SEO plugins that can help even more those who need even more features. We recommend that you install Yoast SEO which is probably the most complete plugin of its kind.

9) You are in control of your content

On platforms like squarespace and wix you practically have no control and ownership of your site. In WordPress, however, you have 100% control and you are the owner of both your site and its content. This is because of the GNU license that WordPress uses. This license gives you full ownership of the WordPress installation you have made as well as any content you have created on it.

Also whenever you want you can install a free backup plugin and download your site and its content to your computer just in case.

10) It is safe

Because WordPress code is open to everyone it is much easier for freelance volunteer developers to find and fix bugs in WordPress. This means that any security vulnerabilities are discovered and fixed in a very short time. You will be pleasantly surprised at how often you can upgrade your WordPress to a newer version.

Of course for the security of your installation you have many options regarding the available plugins. We recommend Wordfence which is one of the top and most tried and tested.

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